Valentine’s day

Trying to get it in tomorrow?
Play pussy is mine by Miguel.
While wrapping her legs around u. ;)
Ur welcome.

I’m going to be a mom, I made a human being. Although, you make me feel a little sick in the morning, super tired during the day, and beyond moody to daddy. I’m extremely happy to be blessed with you darling. Monday mommy goes to the doctors, I hope I will be able to hear your heart beat. Your grandmas are super excited, and already ask about you on a daily basis. I promise you mommy will do whatever it takes to give you the best life. I’m continuing with college, and working full-time, while you grow inside of mommy’s womb. lol Daddy is excited too baby, he’s just a little nervous, he believes you’re a little boy. He wants to name you Andrew… I don’t like the name too much. Whether you’re a boy or girl mommy will love you more then ever. Goodnight my sweet little darling.